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Changshu International School is invested by the government of Changshu High-tech Zone and is under the general management of Lunhua Education.  Mr. Cao Lunhua, the founder of Lunhua Education as well as Bohui education advocate and practitioner, has been serving as general principal of CIS. The school adheres to the "Broadened knowledge for global citizens; Enlightened wisdom for fulfilled lives" concept and practices "Discipline, Perseverance and excellence” motto, implementing 15-year international education system from kindergarten to high school. 


CIS would like to establish an international cultural field and devote itself to be "China's Eton College" through cooperation with British Eton School and creation of leadership courses.  It is the only Cambridge school and the global vision of the pilot schools (one of the world's 20 schools) in Changshu. It is one of the 55 German DSD program schools nationwide that join the PASCH partner school network and is an important member of more than 1,800 PASCH schools worldwide.  CIS has established a sister-school relationship with domestic famous school such as Nanjing Lasa Road Primary School, Lanzhou Foreign Secondary School and Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School, etc.  as well as world-famous schools in America, Canada and UK, carrying on all-around exchanges among teachers and students. 

  常國人深信:要踐行“不一樣的教育”,以世界為視野,以中國傳統文化為根本,讓孩子們通過有質量、有溫度、有底蘊、有前瞻性的教育,成為更好的自己,從而不斷夯實國家和民族發展的根基。因此,學校設有小學部實驗班、英特班、國際淑女班,初中部英才班、博慧女班、IGCSE國際課程班,以及劍橋A Level班、西班牙項目課程班等多種課程,以“華夏根基、國際視野、領袖素養、平民情懷”為培養目標,致力培養具有6C素養、富有社會責任感的未來領袖人才。常國初中英才班,博慧學子連續兩年捧出亮眼成績單,2017、2018年兩屆狀元攬入懷中,年級均分蟬聯全市第一;IGCSE劍橋課程班在全球統考中取得的成績同樣鑄造了經典的輝煌。此外,在CCTV希望之星、中國日報社21世紀杯、數學時代杯、加拿大滑鐵盧數學競賽、澳大利亞信息數學競賽等英語、數學、作文、藝術等學生競賽中,每每摘金奪銀,捷報頻傳。

We firmly believe that we should practice “different education”.  We would help students to become better by qualified, humanized and forward-looking education so as to reinforce the foundation of country’s development. School has set Primary department, Middle school department and High school department to meet the diverse education requirements from parents and society. In primary department, it has Experimental class, International class and International Lady’s class. In Middle school department, it has Elite class, Bohui Lady’s class and IGCSE class. In High school department, it has A-level class and Spanish Curriculum project. CIS devotes to cultivating future leader who is responsible for learning and possesses 6C (Creative, Cooperative, Communicative, Caring, Confident, Committed) quality. They are required to have Chinese culture foundation, international vision, leader of literacy and civilian feelings of social responsibility.

Students from Elite class achieved great success in the senior high school entrance exam and ranked No.1 of the whole city for two consecutive years.  “Number One Scholar” in 2017 and 2018 are both from CIS. Students from IGCSE class also reach a breakthrough again in the Cambridge Exam.

Students participated in different activities (Star of Outlook, China Daily 21st Century National English Speaking Competition, Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests, Computational and Algorithmic Thinking, etc.) and achieved a lot of success.  


Education is a cause which aims to influence life through life. Our school always pays full attention to teachers, holding that “The school is based on the teachers, and the teachers are famous for the school”.We ponder, plan and practice the ecologically cultural management of teachers and the awakening of teachers’ cultural consciousness which are considered as the priority of our cultural power. We have attracted a host of experienced and highly dedicated teachers, including special-grade teachers, provincial and municipal excellent educators, excellent class teachers, the “Double Top Ten”teachers and subject leaders of Suzhou City, etc..

Walking on the path of Bohui education, we always believe that only the brand with genes has its soul. For each class, we continue to pursue the perfection of teaching skills by setting up the “dripping platform”, the “thinking class”, and the “online teaching and research” project where giving and evaluating lectures, and exchanging views with experts is accessible. Our Bohui team is honing skills, accumulating strength and releasing the surging vitality of education. For every individual life, we always maintain a conscientious and prudent attitude, continuing to progress towards quality, and build development platforms. Students are encouraged to get involved in four major campus festivals , National Multilingual Skills Contest for Middle School Students, Around the World Bilingual Forum, Asia-Pacific Young Leaders Convention, teaching seminars on “BOHUI” class, series of winter and summer study tours, etc..

We keep exploring the connotations and extending the scope of education, conducting deeper educational investigations in New Zealand, USA, UK and Israel. We keep constructing the theory of “BOHUI” educational ecosphere, initiating the IB course project, building the Lungeng Children’s Interest and Arts Park, and holding charity activities in Beichuan for eight times altogether. 


The spring rain moistens the bright flowers, and the fertile soil produces the brilliant trees. Over the past seven years, CIS has constantly reconstructed itself and developed at full speed, becoming one of the standing council units of the National Association for the Study of Foreign Language Schools, as well as the project base for researching the backbone teachers of the national training programme of the Ministry of Education in Suzhou University. CIS has also won rising fame as one of the characteristic units of the National Youth Artificial Intelligence Activities, and one of the first seed schools of the 2029 Action Plan of China STEM Education, the characteristic school of the National Ecological Civilization Education , and the first pilot schools for STEM projects in Jiangsu Province. CIS has gained growing reputation from the society. 


Embracing “BOHUI” education theory for a happy life, we aim to set up a school which the students really love and are really proud of . To found a unique school with temperature, responsibility and culture, we have been trying to paint an educational landscape in the new era where nourishes a branded school, virtuous students, competent teachers and tasteful culture.

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